Author: Claire Thompson

Category: Erotic Romance

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There is no safeword here... You signed that away...Mark loves the rush of training novice slaves, bending them to his will as he teaches them the nuances and breathtaking power of erotic submission. There’s nothing more powerful than breaking down a would-be sub girl and molding her into a fiery, passionate and courageous submissive.Jaime fantasizes about being bound in chains—the possession of a Master who takes what is due him, while cherishing her in return. When an offer comes to join a community that promises full immersion BDSM training, Jaime immediately accepts…but she is in no way prepared for the dark, wild ride that awaits her.No boundaries, no refusals, no hesitation, no safeword, no…love? Don’t count on it… No Safeword is a BDSM Club Series novel. Where erotic submission is not only accepted, but demanded.

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