Author: Barbara Ellen Brink

Category: Christian Fiction

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An acclaimed mystery writer finds her words brought frighteningly to life…After her fiancé is violently murdered walking home from the gym one night, celebrated author L.E. Stanfield flees the crime-ridden city of Minneapolis to settle in the comparative safety of smalltown rural Wisconsin. Dealing with agoraphobia and a crisis of faith related to her grief, she lives in a gated, computerized, smart home where she feels safe from the outside world, locked inside by debilitating fear and anger at God, isolated and alone.When her New York editor is killed in a traffic accident, the publisher quickly assigns a new editor to help meet the deadline on her novel. Carson Scott is handsome, smart, and easy to work with, and she quickly connects with him online, but is there more to his story than meets the eye?Living under her real name and never leaving the house, no one in town could possibly connect Liya Sharapova to her non-de-plume. But someone has hacked her security system and is busy turning her safe place into a living nightmare by using scenes from her own work-in-progress.Will Liya release her death grip on the need to control and protect her life and let God transform the ashes of her past into a future ripe with promise?A psychological Christian thriller with page turning tension in every chapter right up to the surprising twist that you won’t see coming.Fans of Terri Blackstock, Robert Whitlow, Christy Barrett, Sibella Giorello, Brandilyn Collins, Creston Mapes, and Sara Davison will love this thriller from bestselling author Barbara Ellen Brink.