Author: Brandon Hicks

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Tired of real estate books that tell you to buy with no money down but don't deliver the details on how to actually structure the offer so it's no "cash" down? This book delivers! If you follow this model, your sellers will be walking into closing with a set of keys and out with nothing but a cash flow! The author, Brandon Hicks, is a former factory worker living in northeast Indiana with his wife and two young children. Using creative financing he was able to accumulate enough income from rental properties to be able to quit his day job. He now enjoys the benefits of having a flexible work schedule while building a more secure financial future for his family. In this book he will walk you through different deal structures to achieve low and no money down land contracts from some of his actual purchases. He will tell you where to find these types of deals and who is most likely to be open to selling to you in this manner. While it's a short read, it's straight and to the point. It's written in a manner that keeps the reader interested as they flow through actual deals as he perfects the structure to guarantee a no cash down closing. He also discusses other ways to do real estate deals with very little out of pocket. There is also some great advice for working with banks when the time comes for that and so much more to help you run a successful rental property business!