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What if you discovered something from your past that was so dark, so sinister, it caused you inescapable humiliation? In this brilliant suspense thriller - Nine Notches captures the accounts of two friends: Brandon Fortier & Sherman Campbell who set out on a journey to discover the truth about their families, only to realize that past revelations can cause current scars. Critically acclaim Nine Notches was Tillson #1 novel for Book Clubs.What was it like being an enslaved woman: only to give birth to another slave? What was it like to receive your freedom, but you’ve lost too much to leave? Nine Notches is more than just another novel; it’s an introduction to life in New Orleans as told by a descendant of a French Quarter Slave. Spanning from 1835 New Orleans to present day – this riveting novel explores the gratification of finding the answers to all of your questions, and the consequences of knowing too much.Nine Notches will transport you back to the 1800's, back to Slavery in New Orleans like not other novel, and submerge you in the historic French Quarters. This historical fiction classic also features cameos from New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Bernard de Marigny, and Civil War General Benjamin Franklin Butler. The pages of this novel will answer many questions about free women of color during slavery in New Orleans.Quadroon BallsFree women of colorSlavery In New OrleansNew Orleans QuadroonsNew Orleans Voodoo QueenNew Orleans Historical FictionsMulatto women during slavery Who were the Quadroons women?What is a quadroon woman New Orleans? Nine Notches will grip you from the first few pages, and never let you go. From the auction scene of a beautiful mulatto slave named Beatrice to the final confrontation: you are invited to enjoy a classic New Orleans Novel.