Author: Thomas J. Prestopnik

Category: Fantasy

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NICHOLAS RAVEN AND THE WIZARDS' WEB - The Complete Epic Fantasy4 Kings. 3 Wars. 2 Nasty Wizards. 1 Magic Key.An epic fantasy in three volumes for adults and older teens.ALL THREE VOLUMES ARE INCLUDED IN THIS SPECIAL EDITION.Volume 1: Prologue & Chapters 1 - 39Volume 2: Chapters 40 - 85Volume 3: Chapters 86 - 120 & PostscriptVellan, a powerful wizard, was cast out of his order fifty years ago after plotting to seize control of the distant lands of Laparia and its people. But some bad dreams never die.Now, sitting in his mountain lair in the realm of Kargoth, Vellan once again tries to fulfill his dream of ultimate power, but this time in more clever ways. With the aid of an apprentice named Caldurian, and a race of obedient Enâri creatures created from rock and magic, Vellan sets his plan in motion. Yet opposition awaits.Caldurian harbors traitorous ambitions, and a disillusioned Enâr has plans of his own. But Nicholas Raven, a young gristmill accountant unwittingly swept up in the two wizards' schemes, may prove to be their greatest obstacle.After being accused of crimes he didn't commit, Nicholas reluctantly flees home. But he soon finds himself on several journeys to the far corners of Laparia-one to rescue a newfound love, and another to reforge a magic key, one turn of which could destroy the Enâri race and shift the balance of power in a looming war.Four maps are also included:Map 1: The Lands of LapariaMap 2: The Kingdom of ArrondaleMap 3: The County of LitchfieldMap 4: The Village of KanesburyAll three volumes are also published separately in both paperback and Kindle editions. See Prestopnik's Amazon author page for details.