Author: Brandy Echols

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You can fake a smile, but you can’t fake your feelings…Blaine McKay walks around with a smile on her face in order to mask her daily struggle to stay sane. She’s extremely low-key and finds comfort in isolating herself as she searches for answers on what’s bothering her mentally. While doing her best to guard who she allows into her life, she stumbles upon Jaycen Azad, a handsome man, gifted with artistic hands that also come with a treacherous trigger finger. But his deadly persona is blinded, as he steps in and steals her heart without her permission, unknowingly placing her sanity into his hands. Ignoring the constant warnings to stay away from Jaycen, Blaine decides to let her guard down and allows the vicious bad boy to paint her soul with his love. But what happens when he discovers that she’s suffering mentally? Will their hearts remain on course or will the severity of Blaine’s illness tear them apart? Enid Meyers never wanted to give up on the relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Votto. But after giving him her all to no avail, she finally decides that permanently separating would be best for them. During their split, she crosses paths with someone who could potentially change her outlook on love. But when she decides to pursue the relationship, she soon discovers a major conflict that puts her loyalty to the test. Enid finds herself torn, realizing that her heart may now belong to the enemy. However, remnants of her soul are still lingering close to Votto and sharing feelings for these two men is equivalent to playing with fire. Will Enid be able to mend her broken heart? Or are the flames too severe to tame her situation?Need You For My Sanity is a tragic love affair, full of relatable, heart wrenching situations. This is a full-length standalone novel.

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