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Would you like to feel good taking care of your well-being and your body?

Do you think modern medicines are crashing your body energy, mind and vitality?

Would like to try out plant remedies to avoid the most common health problems?

If the answer is YES, you are in the right place!

Nowadays we all want a better and healthier life, and we hope to achieve it through chemistry with quickly solutions which, however, are not healthy, not long term and especially not sustainable. It's a vicious cycle that's hard to escape since society pushing using chemical medicines for almost any health problem, even minor ones. This, it's even worse when it happens with children!

So, what is the alternative?

For hundreds of years Native Americans have mastered the secrets of natural healing through the use of herbs and plants that are easy to find everywhere. Through the power of these herbs and plants, Native Americans were able to enjoy the highest level of health and vitality, enabling them to live life to the fullest. Amayeta Narayan, one of most expert in the natural healing field, has decided to share this invaluable knowledge throughout this complete collection. Amayeta, has decided that it’s time for everyone to benefit from her knowledge and teaching that she learned from her family through several generations. In this unique collection, you will find out all the secrets of Native Americans that have been passed down from generation to generation combined with the most recent discoveries, to help yourself through the unlimited wealth that mother nature has to offer, living in synergy with the environment.

Here’s what you will find inside this 14 books 1 guide:

Native American healing fundamentals: Learn how to improve your whole wellbeing with the benefits of Native American remediesNative American Herbalism Encyclopedia: Discover most wanted natural herbs to naturally boost your health and vitalityDiscover Essential Oils: Learn everything about using essential oils and learn about all the different kindsMaster Native American Spirituality: Dive into the rich beliefs, customs and traditions of the Native Americans and feel closer to them than ever beforeThe power of Natural Medicine: Learn about the Cherokee legend and receive exclusive information on their sacred medicinesNative American Stones & Crystals: You’ll be able to heal spiritually, mentally and physically, all at onceNative American Herbal Gardening: Discover how to effectively plant and harvest herbs in your own garden with detailed step-by-step instructionsHerbal Recipes for your Child’s Health: Don’t leave your children behind! Know that there are kid-friendly natural remediesHow to grow medicinal herbs at home: Whether you have a wide garden or want to grow them in pots on your balcony or window sillMost wanted Medicinal Plants: Find which plants are perfect for you! It doesn’t matter what you need them for…and so much more!

With this complete

Native American Herbalist’s Bible


Amayeta Narayan

, you will gain all Native American knowledge passed through generations across thousands of years and achieve a new inner well-being!

So, what are you waiting for?

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