Author: Jason Ayres

Category: Humor

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Imagine living life backwards, one day at a time, from your deathbed to your birth. When Thomas Scott wakes up in hospital on New Year's Day he has no memory of who he is or why he is there. Racked with pain from a terminal illness, death swiftly follows. When he wakes to find he is alive once more he is confused to discover that it now December 31st. As the days pass it becomes clear that the calendar is running in reverse.Trying to find some purpose in life, he resolves to find out as much about his own personal history as he can. Learning of the death of his wife and an attack on his daughter, he prepares to make changes in the past to secure their future.From middle-aged father all the way back to childhood, the passing years present all manner of different challenges as Thomas continues his journey backwards through the early 21st and the late 20th centuries.This story is the ninth part of an epic series exploring the time travel genre in a variety of original and innovative ways. The novels follow the main characters from their teenage years to middle age as they jump forwards, backwards, and sideways into alternate worlds. Want to know more about the author? You can find him at:Website: @TheTimeBubble =============================================================================What readers are saying about My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday... Really good, heart-warming, positive and really grabs you. It's unique and worth reading. - Connie on Amazon.What a concept this novel is! A life lived in reverse. I really didn't know whether I would understand it or enjoy it, but I did both. In fact, most of the time I found it gripping. - Goldie on Amazon.I adore stories that are clever and keep me reading to find out what is going to happen. The concept of life reversing is fresh, interesting and entertaining. - Books R Best on Amazon UK.My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday is certainly a unique and fun approach to time. This is a fresh take on the genre - addictive and curiously compelling! - Book Mad ME on Amazon UK.Really loved it. Read it in 24 hours as could not put down..first time in ages a book made me cry (those who are parents will know which bit). - Ichabod on Amazon UK.