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This book is about self-love for kids. It’s about finding our own unique spots and being okay with what nature gave us. It’s about seeing what beautiful spots are found in nature by looking at animals and their spots and markings. I was inspired by my first daughter who was born with a Mongolian mark on her leg. She noticed it when she was just a baby and often asked me to wash it off or remove it. I felt so bad that I couldn’t remove it. Each time she would look at it she seemed upset so I told her that her birthmark is just like the marks on many animals in nature. I told her just like a leopard has its spots so does she and that it’s unique to her. This book expands on that idea and hopefully helps little kids accept their birthmarks whatever they may be by illustrating some of nature’s animals/birds/fish/insects and their marks or what I call in the book “spots.”