Author: BriAnn Danae

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“Because men’s hearts are foolish, too.”For as long as he could remember, the friendship between Lee and Demir is one he cherished more than anything in this world. Losing her once to a man who didn’t know her worth had Demir on edge. Losing her for good completely pushed him off it. Attempting to find his footing without the one person who knows him best, Demir is forced to mend his broken heart alone… again. Since their first encounter, Esmin had it bad for the dread head bombshell he nicknamed as his G-Baby. Simply put; he wanted whatever Greigh would offer him. Her time being the main contribution. Once earned, the two realize that the odds that are trying to stack against them can’t be built. Even when people they deemed loyal turn against them.Loving someone is easy. Handing over the muscle that pumps out said love is the tough part. In the conclusion of this heart throbbing, soul seeking novel; not only will the hearts of the characters you’ve grown to love be tested, but their faith and minds will as well. It’s okay to play the fool sometimes, but at what cost?