Author: Aurora Ascher

Category: Paranormal Romance

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The hunter shall become the hunted…

Enslaved to an evil demon queen, Mishetsumephtai has only ever served one purpose. He is the Hunter, the one who drags the guilty back to Hell.

But tasting freedom has changed him, and for the first time, Mist questions his duty. The human female he meets, who smiles at him with no idea what a monster he is, draws him in, and he’ll do anything to possess her.

But his reprieve was always temporary, and before long, his cruel mistress demands he return to Hell. If he disobeys, he will pay the price with pain or even death. Yet he can’t relinquish the woman whose scent calls to him like nothing he’s hunted before.

…And the timid shall become the fierce.

Since the death of her parents, Lily Donovan has tried to forget what she is. But denial is not an option when everything she’s been running from turns up on her doorstep. Chaos comes in the form of a man with unusual tattoos and beguiling amber eyes…A man who may not be a man at all.

Suddenly, Lily’s weaknesses become her greatest strengths, and she must learn to embrace them if she’s to save herself and her Hunter.

Even if she shouldn’t trust him. Even if he’s supposed to be her enemy.---

My Demon Hunter is a sizzling-hot paranormal romance about loving the darkest parts of ourselves. It features a curvy heroine and a demon hero with non-human attributes, including a dramatic size difference and a very talented tail. There’s blood, sex, violence, and, as always, a lot of profanity. You’ve been warned.

The Hell Bent series books can be read as standalones and will always end with an HEA, but it is recommended to start from the beginning for maximum enjoyment.