Author: Mary Jane Hathaway

Category: Christian Fiction

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Introducing Starling and Swift, a new inspirational cozy mystery series filled with suspense, amazing dogs, quirky characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and a light-hearted romance! Kitty Swift travels around the sunny Yucatan peninsula assisting luxury cruise ship groups as an interpreter for the deaf. After a disastrous broken engagement, she's perfectly content to spend her days with her service dog, Chica, and a motley crew of wealthy vacationers. Her life revolves around playing Bingo, enjoying the chocolate fountain, and passing along the occasional complaint about the quality of the bed sheets. On a cruise ship the food is good, the music is lively, and everyone is friendly. Life is quiet, just as it should be... until murder arrives in the night. At the top of a Mayan pyramid in the humid jungle, one of her tour group is found sacrificed to the gods. A clue left at the scene makes it clear this is a deeply personal act of revenge? and the killer may have another victim in his sights. As the entire tour group is brought in for questioning, Kitty and Chica find themselves in a race against time. A hurricane is bearing down on the city, the cruise ship is set to depart, and they’re sequestered in an embassy house with a vicious murderer. The only person standing in her way is an enigmatic attaché to the American embassy who doesn't take kindly to all her questions? especially about himself. Should Kitty be on guard against the mysterious detective, or are they birds of a feather in search of a killer? Includes recipes! If you liked this book, be sure to leave a review. You can find me on facebook at Mary Jane Hathaway. Come by and chat!Don’t miss the second book, Death on the Wind! Who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like these? Book Three, Danger at the Dive Shop is a deep sea game of cat and mouse. If you’re like Kitty and have always wanted to explore Old Town Havana, don’t miss the Fourth Book, Chaos in Cuba. Book Five, Sabotage on Solitude Bay, is a special edition Christmas mystery set at Leander’s family home in the Florida Keys. Book Six takes you on a Catalan adventure that ends in a shocking twist: A Scandal in Spain.Prepare for an ice cold killer in Book Seven, Nightmare Under the Northern Lights.Big changes?and mortal danger?are in store for Starling and Swift in Book Eight, Terror at the Turtle Sanctuary, coming soon!