Author: Christopher Rumage

Category: Humor

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Mort in China is a Comic Book for Children, Teens, Young Adults and alike. If you’ve ever been curious about China, or you just love Asian comics and CUTE Asian characters, this entertaining and Informative Indie comic produced by expats living in China is sure to bring joy with its humorous tale of a protagonist out of his element trying to navigate Chinese Culture. Available on Kindle Short Reads.

Issue 1:Charon's Slow Boat to China. After 500 years of work and still only being considered ‘2nd best’ a mild-mannered soul collection agent for Final Destinations, an afterlife tourism agency, named Mort has his world turned upside down when his boss sends him to root out and correct the efficiency issues in their China branch office. Things take a turn on arrival as he quickly realises that he is woefully unqualified to deal with the nuances and pitfalls of Chinese culture. Will Mort succeed, or will his failure spell doom for all of China?