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HerHe asked me to tutor him in the eleventh grade. That was the first time my young heart fell out of rhythm. By senior year, we were best friends, and my unconditional love for him had awakened. By the time we finished college, I experienced my first heartbreak. He’d chosen another. Someone that wasn't me.He's still my best friend. I love him. All I need is for him to love me the way I’ve always loved him, but now I’ve embarked upon another problem...I’m falling in love with someone else.Is it too late for us? Why can’t he see me? See that I’m the only woman who can love him efficiently. HimThe first time I laid eyes on her; time stopped. I vowed to never let her go and accepted the tormenting role of being her best-friend. I wanted to be her lover. I courted others unwillingly, because she sought men that weren't me.She's the air that I breathe. No one else compares to her.Am I invisible? Why can't she see me? See that I'm the only man who can fill her hollow places.