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Want To Activate Your Child’s Own Natural Desire To Learn? Here’s How You Can Spark Your Child’s Creativity, Imagination & Self-Discipline The Montessori Way! If you are looking for an easy-to-follow early childhood education book that will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of the Montessori Method and its immense benefits, then you should look no further. Now you do not have to spend endless hours researching online, watching videos or reading multiple articles. This comprehensive Montessori toddler book will help you save your time, effort and learn how to bring the Montessori Method into your life. Montessori Made: Knowledge & Activities To Create, Guide & Excel In Learning When it comes to Montessori books for parents, this all-in-one Montessori guide book stands alone. Written by Olivia Orlando, a pioneer in Early Childhood Education and Development, this eye-opening Montessori activities book will enable you to: UNDERSTAND the core principles behind the popular Montessori Education Method LEARN how to get your toddler involved and make learning part of the fun DISCOVER a child-centered learning method that will empower your toddler. Why Choose This Montessori Infant Book? COMPREHENSIVE: by the end of this Montessori parenting book, you will be able to understand how Montessori works, how to supervise your child and how to encourage purposeful activities. WRITTEN FOR PARENTS: unlike other complicated Montessori parenting books, Olivia Orlando has created an easy-to-understand parent-oriented book about child-centered education. EASY-TO-READ: you do not have to be an educator in order to start using the Montessori Method. Explore the Montessori Curriculum and learn how to help your child develop basic human tendencies. What’s In It For You & Your Child? You will be able to spend more quality time with your child and make sure that your little one develops empathy, compassion and communication. This practical Montessori guide for parents will also allow your child to: Learn Self-Discipline Explore The Different Activities & Areas Of Learning Accomplish Educational Goals Reap The Fruits Of Exploration, Creativity & Self-Perfection Navigate Through The Educational System With Confidence Don’t Hesitate! Scroll Up, Click “Add To Cart” NOW & Help Your Child Enjoy The Benefits Of The Montessori Method!