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? How can I learn about a valid method to help me raise my child to master his tantrums in serenity?

? Is the Montessori method also suitable for preschoolers?

? Is it possible to teach the Montessori method at home?

This fantastic book will answer your questions!

It contains the basics of the Montessori philosophy that start from the child's birth and can indeed be a good start for his education. In it, you will find resources for anyone intrigued by her world-famous learning method, ranging from discovering the concept of the "absorbing mind" to adopting a constructive discipline of strategies for integrating the Montessori style at home.

"At the moment of birth, the magnificence of the human character starts." Cit. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Montessori (from 1870 to 1952) founded an educational approach over a century ago, yet the philosophy and practices are still as important now as they were then.

A suitable strategy for educating children again for the world they live in is missing in today's culture. The Montessori Method's basic idea is that kids learn to govern their own life while enjoying the beauty of the universe around them in a secure and well-prepared setting. We outline Maria Montessori's beliefs, philosophies, and teaching techniques for newborns through the 3 years of life in this book.

This book aids an atmosphere that will encourage this growth while also honoring your child's uniqueness and genuine potential.

Includes the following:

Who was Maria Montessori? Her Contribution and Success StoryPrinciples of the Montessori MethodChild Brain DevelopmentBasic Child Needs Montessori Approach at HomeRole of Parents Major Errors to Avoid Managing Children Tantrums

This book will be beneficial and intriguing to parents, teachers, and childcare providers who want to understand the initial stages further and how to assist their children in maximizing their inherent skills. The "absorbent mind" stage of development occurs when kids aged 0 and 3. It's the time when the child's subconscious mind absorbs everything that happens in their surroundings. It is a pivotal and exciting time, and it's at this point, the groundwork for all future growth is set.

Finally, take advantage of the BONUS CHAPTER INCLUDED at the end of the book, created explicitly to help you get started using Montessori activities and games in your home.

Return to your children's parenting with calm and pleasure!

So, what's all the wait about? BUY NOW and get insight into all the information related to Maria Montessori and her method just by reading a single book.