Author: B.T. Lord & J.S. Stephens

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Sixteen year old Addison Monroe and her friends think they’ve hit the jackpot when they win a contest that will allow them to go on a televised ghost investigation with the nationally renowned TV paranormal investigative team, The Ghost Dudes. With cameras rolling, the two groups arrive at the infamous Meadowlark Asylum. Suddenly shut down nearly a half century before under mysterious circumstances, it’s become shrouded in stories and legends about the darkness, nicknamed Monster of the Asylum, that allegedly stalks its abandoned hallways. It isn’t long before Addison realizes something is terribly wrong.

What was advertised as a Halloween night TV special takes on a sinister note when, as her team’s reluctant psychic, she begins to see visions that show what really happened all those years ago. Visions that warn her they are all in danger. Things escalate when one of her teammates suddenly disappears while the others, including members of The Ghost Dudes, slowly come to the horrifying realization that the legends about Meadowlark Asylum may actually be true. And the Monster won’t rest until it claims another victim. This is Book 1 in The Ghost Seekers Paranormal Mystery series.