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3 books in 1How to conquer the life of your dreams at no cost?To make mistakes is natural. The important thing is to understand and to change.To understand your mistakes and to become better ... is the meaning of life!The intent of this bundle is to provide you with tools to recognize and replace unhealthy and weakening behaviors and habits with as many that will give you, at no cost, the life you have always desired.Within this 453 page book you will find:Book 1: EMPOWERING HABITS"Whoever becomes a slave to habits, dies slowly"  Martha MedeirosDiscover how to easily transform your habits into empowering habits to unlock your unlimited potential and achieve unlimited success.INSIDE YOU’LL DISCOVER:Why habits are so powerful, and why they are absolutely necessary to your livelihood.The eight areas of your life to consider and how habits impact those areas of your life (and the overall quality of your life).Why you need to stop relying on chance and take responsibility for yourself.Fascinating facts about what habits are, what drives them, and where they exist within your brain.The three steps in a habit loop and how they work together to form a loop.Why desire and rewards are the most important aspect of habits and how to fulfill your desires in healthier ways.How to change habits, create new empowering habits, and break bad habits.What good habits you should develop, and bad habits you should break.The importance of pampering a habit, and how to do so.How to simplify your habits to make them even easier to embrace.Book 2: NOT DISTRACTABLEDo you feel like you have so much potential, yet you are struggling to fulfill that potential in your life?If you answered yes, it’s time for you to become Not distractable! In NOT DISTRACTABLE you will learn how to manage external stimuli so that you are no longer allowing them to distract you and steal your energy.INSIDE YOU'LL DISCOVER:Where all of these stimuli come from and how they affect you.How to actively recognize when you are being distracted.The importance of self-awareness and how to tune into yourself.The power of neutralizing and detoxifying from distractions.How to tame necessary tools in your life so they do not distract you.Why you need to have a quiet room.The step-by-step process for tapping into your subconscious mind to transform limiting habits and replace them with fruitful ones.How you can design daily routines that promote your focus.Book 3: THE POWER OF GOOD SLEEPTo sleep really well is of fundamental importance to be strong, full of energy and creative. It’s time for you to learn about what sleep really is, how it works, why it matters, and what you can do to start getting a better quality sleep every single night.INSIDE YOU'LL DISCOVER:Why sleep is so important, and why you need to value getting a good quality sleep every single night.How sleep “works” and what is actually going on inside of your body when you fall asleep at night.All of the positive benefits you get from getting a good quality sleep (and all of the negative side effects that you face when you don’t).How to improve your natural sleeping rhythms and get a good quality sleep.The scoop on natural therapies, supplements, and sleep medications.How to improve your sleep routine.Buy now your copy of MISTAKE FREE LIFE ... and fly to the life of your dreams … at no cost! It’s time!