Miserable Holiday Stories by Alex Bernstein

Author: Alex Bernstein

Category: Humor

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Ten hilarious short stories for anyone who hates the holidays!
The holiday season is one of laughter, fun, generosity, and time with friends and family . . . or so it’s supposed to be. But we all know that the holiday season can actually be absolutely depressing, no matter how hard we try. So from the wit of humorist Alex Bernstein comes this “miserable” collection of short stories based around Christmas and Hanukkah. Included are short stories, such as: “Blue Christmas”“K-Rope”“The Smoking Lounge”“Brownie Mix”“The #$@!# Bicycle Boys Save Christmas, Again!”And more! No matter what holiday you celebrate, this quirky yet bittersweet compilation will be sure to have you longing for mid-January. Whether you want these tales for yourself or for a loved one you really don’t care about, Miserable Holiday Stories will be sure to have any holiday “realist” prepared for the misery they feel during that blessed holiday season.
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