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Want to Lose Weight using the Power of your Mind?

Then keep reading...

Have you ever wondered why fad diets don't work?

Does the pressure of your body size get to you?

Does losing weight, getting shredded and lean, or burning fat frustrate you?

Clearly, after all the diets, extensive exercise, running, cycling, jogging hasn't worked. You've tried the fasting fads. Now perhaps it's time to understand your relationship to food.

But can Mindful Eating end Emotional Binging or Overeating? What's the Science on this...

"Mindfulness-based approaches appear most effective in addressing binge eating, emotional eating... Mindfulness-based approaches may prevent weight gain... Encouraging a mindful eating approach would seem to be a positive message to be included in general weight management advice to the public."

- Cambridge University Press: 18 July 2017

"... people with higher levels of body mass index have less mindful eating... People demonstrating lower levels of mindful eating present more episodes of uncontrolled eating habits and binge eating... it was found that people with poor levels of mindful eating had higher levels of uncontrolled eating and in some cases binge eating...

In conclusion, mindful eating is related to body mass index, binge eating, anxiety and negative affect and it is important to consider it because it can be useful to promote healthy eating and to prevent obesity."

- Science Direct (Journal of Behavior, Health & Social Issues) - November 2016,

Julia Meadows has a key focus on the philosophy of mind, she's a mindfullness expert, psychological practioner, and a life coaching professional in London, England UK. This is her fifth book. She has health and fitness expertise and has coached numerous clients in the art of awareness and conscious eating for healthy eating habits.

Although this book is written in a regular reading format its powerful hypnotic writing style will change the way you see, observe, understand, and emotionally connect with food.

In this Mindful Eating book you will discover:

Finding Balance, not BingingFrom Eating Disorders To Effective DietsCreating Mindful Eating PracticesDestroying powerful Food strongholdsFrom Compulsive Eating to Conscious EatingThe minds' connection to Anxiety, Depression, Trauma PTSD and food

+ Much much more!

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ? Confucius

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