Author: Abigail Darby

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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This is the story of one woman’s indomitable spirit and the house that changed everything.

Amanda Grayson had a happy marriage, a beautiful home, and a successful career—until she didn’t. Starting over was the last thing she expected to be doing. That’s when she discovered a once grand historic house that took on a talismanic power the moment she saw it. The nearly two-hundred-year-old, abandoned brick manor surrounded by the crests of Virginia’s old Blue Ridge Mountains called to her. It needed saving and she wanted to save it, but could she?That’s also when she finds herself in the middle of an improbable attraction. As emotions evolve, Amanda realizes she is either in the safest relationship imaginable, or she has taken a course that could destabilize her career and what’s left of her heart. Either way, she senses whatever is happening is key to helping her regain her devastated vivacity, but at what cost?And, that’s when a career-making project at work heats up, keeping her on the road and attracting unwanted attention from the highest levels of her federal agency. This unexpected twist leaves her balancing a tightrope of department politics, personal agendas, and turf guarding that threaten to destabilize her plans and her future. Can she control the chaos, or will it control her?Come along for the ride with Amanda as she tries to restore this once beautiful historic manor home with a gentle soul all its own. It’s a roller-coaster journey through the wineries of Virginia, the ruins and palazzos of Italy, and the raging rapids of the heart versus logic. In her debut novel,

Merryhearth Manor & Me

, Abigail Darby artfully balances humor and poignancy to tell a superb story that will leave you laughing and cheering for joy!