Author: Cami Checketts

Category: Christian Fiction

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A single mom in danger. The man who broke her heart twelve years ago. He might have a chance to protect her, but she’ll never risk loving him again.Commander Blaine Lewis comes home for his brother’s funeral to find his sister-in-law in peril from all the gormless gits trying to step into his brother’s shoes. When the enigmatic Sutton Smith asks Blaine to fake an engagement to Cat in order to protect her, he has no clue how he’ll keep his heart safe. He’s loved Catherine all his life, but he knows she will never forgive him.Duchess Catherine Lewis is seething about her new arrangement, but she has no other choice than to accept Blaine’s help. She decides that he deserves an opportunity to get to know his nephew—but that’s the only second chance she will allow him. She won’t ever be able to forgive what he did that fateful day.Despite all the pent-up pain, Cat’s steely heart begins to soften and she wonders if there is hope for her and Blaine after all. But if Blaine can’t humble himself and beg Cat's forgiveness, he’ll lose everything that matters to him for the second and final time.From USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts comes an intense and swoon-worthy new clean romance adventure series: Billionaire Protection Romances. Don’t miss it!Billionaire … Check.Famous ... Check.In danger … Check.Willing to fake a relationship with a bodyguard to stay safe … Come again?1- Matchmaking the Singer and the Warrior2-Matchmaking the Duchess and the Commander3- Matchmaking the Entertainer and the Firefighter4 – Matchmaking the Model and the Beast5 – Matchmaking the Spy and the Heiress6-Matchmaking the Single Dad and the ActressFans of Elana Johnson, Lisa Phillips, Jenna Brandt, and Sariah Wilson will love Cami Checketts' clean romantic suspense with a side of comedy.Don't miss Cami's other sweet and fast-paced romance novels.Summit Valley Christmas RomanceHis Perfect Match for ChristmasHis Ski Resort Overrun for ChristmasHis Cabin Invaded for ChristmasHis Unexpected Wedding for ChristmasDelta Family RomancesDeceivedAbandonedCommittedBetrayedDevotedCompromisedEndangeredAcceptedReturnedDevastatedFamous Friends RomancesLoving the FirefighterLoving the AthleteLoving the RancherLoving the CoachLoving the ContractorLoving the SheriffLoving the EntertainerThe Hidden Kingdom RomancesRoyal SecretsRoyal SecurityRoyal DoctorRoyal MistakeRoyal CourageRoyal PilotRoyal ImposterRoyal BabyRoyal BattleRoyal Fake FiancéSecret Valley RomanceSister PactMarriage PactChristmas PactSurvive the RomanceRomancing the TreasureRomancing the EscapeRomancing the BoatRomancing the MountainRomancing the CastleRomancing the Extreme AdventureRomancing the IslandRomancing the RiverRomancing the Spartan RaceMystical Lake Resort RomanceOnly Her Undercover SpyOnly Her CowboyOnly Her Best FriendOnly Her Blue-Collar BillionaireOnly Her Injured StuntmanOnly Her Amnesiac Fake FiancéOnly Her Hockey LegendOnly Her Smokejumper FirefighterOnly Her Christmas MiracleJewel Family RomanceDo Marry Your Billionaire BossDo Trust Your Special Ops BodyguardDo Date Your Handsome RivalDo Rely on Your ProtectorDo Kiss the SuperstarDo Tease the Charming BillionaireDo Claim the Tempting AthleteDo Depend on Your KeeperHer Forbidden Bodyguard