Author: C.B. Samet

Category: Romantic Suspense

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With a twelve million dollar debt, there's no escaping the mafia.When Jenna Masters embarks on a vacation to Antigua, she anticipates leaving behind her hectic job in the intensive care unit but doesn’t anticipate meeting an attractive stranger, Ryan Walsh, with a dark past. She turns down a romantic encounter not wanting to invite danger into her life. When Jenna is kidnapped, she discovers her own past has resurfaced to claim her and she turns to the one man she knows can help her—Ryan Walsh. Jenna and Ryan plummet into danger that threatens both of their lives. Can they free themselves from the wrath of a killer or will they find their lives cut short by those that seek to destroy them?**2018 Readers’ Favorite Awards Honorable Mention in Romantic Suspense**"Masters File: The Riders File Book 2 by CB Samet is a fast-paced tale of crime and unexpected humor. The plot development of CB Samet’s novel is a combination of romance and suspense that lures the reader in, making it a one-sitting read." -- Readers' Favorite Reviewer (five stars)“I really enjoyed this book! It was fast paced and flowed nicely. The turn of events were done beautifully and the ending was terrific!” —Booksprout Reviewer“This is one of those books that you will fall in love with as it is such a great read ... I can’t wait for more form this series.” —Booksprout Reviewer