Author: Autumn Macarthur

Category: Christian Romance

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For her ill daughter, she'll do anything. Even marry a man she hardly knows.Widowed Melanie Montana has spent far too many holidays sitting beside hospital beds with people she loves. But not this year. Knowing it could be their last, she's vowed to make it the best ever Christmas for her four-year-old daughter, Alia.With the support of the Chapel Cove townsfolk, she'll find ways to make all Alia's dreams come true. Lots of books and reading a story together every single night—tick. Pancakes every day—tick. A sleigh ride—tick. Even her own pony can probably be a tick on the list, too. Those are the easy ones.The biggest item on Alia's list is more of a challenge - a daddy for Christmas. And not just any daddy. Alia knows exactly who she wants her mommy to marry. The man she calls Dr. Santa, better known as pediatrician Dr. Mark Stewart. When they’ve both been hurt before and closed their hearts to love, only a miracle can give Melanie and Mark a happy-ever-after and turn their marriage of convenience into the real thing. But when God, as well as the determined child, seems to be pushing them together, how can they possibly resist?A heartwarming and uplifting second-chances romance of faith, love, and pancakes.What readers say:It was beautiful, heart wrenching, tender, realistic, touching and inspiring all in one!I totally loved the plot, but especially the characters, they truly felt dear to me, and I felt that their struggles were mine too. I cried, and I laughed, and I sighed at the beautiful ending! Page turning, heart tugging story that keeps you involved until the end.Autumn Macarthur is a gifted author, her writing will wrap around you, like a warm blanket, and not let go. I personally want to thank her for her wonderful words of encouragement in times of grief and struggles. There was a scene in the story where the main character had a heart to heart moment with God, and the words were so powerful to me. I will keep them close to my heart.Marry Me is a beautiful romance and a story that shows how to trust our Heavenly Father and to rest in Him. This is an awesome and inspiring book!I used a bunch of tissues while reading Marry Me. This book is a beautifully, and lovingly, written, heart warming, heart strings tugging, awesome Christian romance about love - God's love, love for a spouse, a child and family.Welcome to Chapel Cove, Oregon, where life begins at forty.Stunning coastline, a harbor against life’s storms, and a welcoming community await in Chapel Cove. A place where those hurt by challenges, disappointments, and failures or reminded of their unfulfilled hopes and dreams can make a fresh start. And, if they’re brave enough to accept it, maybe find a second chance at love, if only they’ll allow God to safely anchor them in their hearts’ home?Discover this small town filled with love, hope, and faith, in Chapel Cove, a series of sweet and clean standalone Christian romances. Join bestselling authors Marion Ueckermann, Alexa Verde, and Autumn Macarthur in Chapel Cove today!Book 1 - Remember Me by Marion UeckermannBook 2 - Love Me by Alexa VerdeBook 3 - Cherish Me by Autumn MacarthurBook 4 - Choose Me by Marion UeckermannBook 5 - Hold Me by Alexa VerdeBook 6 - Marry Me by Autumn Macarthur Book 7 - Belong with Me by Alexa VerdeBook 8 - Accept Me by Marion UeckermannBook 9 - Adore Me by Autumn Macarthur (launching late summer 2020)And more lovely romances to come!