Author: Deborah Wilson

Category: Historical Romance

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A scarred lord. A beautiful lady Will they ever find peace or will fear drive them apart?Kimberley Clemens wrote a letter to her aunt. It was slightly bawdy and very bold.But she didn’t care. It wasn’t as though her aunt read her letters anyway.Yet someone read it.James Hayden IV, the Marquess of Denhallow has never read anyone else’s mail, but life in exile has made him desperate for company. His face had been horribly disfigured. And… thus he locked himself away from the world. Needing a connection, he reads Kim’s letter… and dares to respond.One letter after another changes their lives forever. Friendship turns into a marriage of convenience. And forces James from exile and back into the eyes of Society. But danger not only lurks in the ballrooms of the Ton, but on the streets of London. Can James and Kim’s fragile marriage survive the opinions of Society? Or will James’ scars make him run, not only from the world, but from the woman who holds his heart?