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Markell is the star basketball player that needs help with precalculus. Nathalia is the math wiz that enjoys the beauty of theater and acting. When the two come together, they learn more about one another and feelings start to grow. The only thing the two love birds ask for is Overtime when they notice that overtime isn't promised. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your goal? I may not know you much, but I do notice how passionate you are about scripts and plays." She stops walking and turns around to look at him, "My goal is for over time." "Meaning?" "I honestly don't...-." She changes the subject. "But yes, I do have a love for theater and plan on being in front of a big crowd one day." She genuinely smiles. "Why one day? Why not several?" "Time isn't always promising, so one time will be good enough for me; though more sounds better." "Time is promising if you set goals..."