Author: Margaret McHeyzer

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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I often stare at the walls and wonder what's beyond them.The Elders tell me that nothing but sin, sadness, and disease lie beyond the wall.Sometimes I hear things, noises that are strange to me. They're often faint, and when I ask the Elders what those sounds are, they tell me they are the tortured souls of thousands of people behind the gates of hell. I don't know what they mean.I dream of leaving these walls, but the Elders insist this is the only place we're safe. They talk about danger, hatred, and the devil himself waiting just beyond. They tell us the walls were built to keep us safe.Although I believe the Elders, I want to see the outside world for myself.But there's no way out.Or so I thought...*Physical and emotional abuse. Recommended for 16+. Contains distressing content. Luna Caged: Behind the Wall is book 1 of 2.Luna Freed: Beyond the Wall is book 2 of 2.