Author: Jaxson Caid

Category: New Adult Romance

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When we were younger he told me a kiss would get me pregnant. And he tried to kiss me.And I hated him.I never thought I'd see him again ...But when he stumbles into my cafe, hungover, looking for coffee, I finally get to see what became of the bad boy jerk next door.Guess what?He's a man. ALL MAN.That's when things get crazy. Because his eyes are on me and my mind is racing, wondering what could go wrong if I gave him just one quick night. To show him what he could have had if he wasn't such a fool.Well - we kissed.And now - I'm pregnant.I guess he was right about kissing me... sort of.Now I have to figure out how I went from successful business owner to a pregnant, soon-to-be single mother. Unless I call him and tell him. But truthfully, what are the odds of him actually doing the right thing for once in his life?