Love Trade by Mallory Rush

Author: Mallory Rush

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Dangerous Rescue Leads to Love and Desire in Love Trade, a High-Stakes Contemporary Romance by Mallory Rush
Las Vegas, 1995 and the country of Zebedique
Rand Slick, a Wall Street mogul with a deeply buried past, has a missing sister to find and a promise to keep. He knows exactly where Sarah is: Zebedique, an international haven for the White Slave Trade. His contacts in high places have guaranteed him a seat at an upcoming private auction. Rand can easily take care of the unlimited line of credit required. What’s missing is a female PI willing to be kidnapped, stripped and auctioned to make contact with his sister.
Rachel Tinsdale is only 23, the ink still wet on her PI license, when Rand Slick walks through the door of her low-rent office. He's a smooth operator with some dangerously rough edges…and he is willing to pay a handsome sum. He's way out of her league, just as Rand knows she could really mess with the man he’s become—one who has the instincts of a shark, the ethics of a snake, and the hunger of a wolf.
Purchased for $2 million, Rachel plays the role of concubine love slave. But as the time draws near to execute the daring rescue, neither expect to find all that is missing within themselves and a love affair with an explosive mixture of danger and desire.
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