Author: Natasha Denise Frazier

Category: Christian Romance

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Are you ready and willing to accept the consequences that come along with your choices?"The true test of my commitment will come when I am actually tested, but it’s nothing I can’t handle..." So thinks Raegan ---and it proves to be a thought that is tested every step of her journey.Raegan was all set to live a life free of sexual impurities until she met Rico, who challenged her character. Sex outside of marriage isn't all that bad if you're going to eventually marry that person, right? After all, Rico did make promises to marry her, but can he hold true to that promise? Raegan had come to believe that Rico could be the one until Caleb, her college love, comes back into her life. Raegan begins to make a series of choices that lead to consequences she wasn't prepared to face. Will her faith sustain her?

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