Author: Walker Percy

Category: Humor

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A “brilliant and hilarious” novel of the end times in America and one psychiatrist’s quest to save mankind, from a

New York Times

–bestselling author (

Dallas Morning News


  The United States seems to be on the brink of catastrophe. From the abandoned cars littering the highways (no one remembers how to fix them) to the endless hours spent on the golf course (now open twenty-four hours for those who can’t bother to wait until daylight to putt) to the starkly polarized political and religious factions dividing the country (which are increasingly difficult to tell apart), it is startlingly evident that the great experiment of the American Dream has failed.   The only problem is that no one has noticed. No one, that is, except Dr. Thomas More.   Dr. More, an alcoholic, womanizing, lapsed-Catholic psychiatrist, has invented the lapsometer: a machine capable of diagnosing and curing the spiritual afflictions that are speeding society toward its inevitable collapse. If used correctly, the lapsometer could make anxiety, depression, alienation, and racism things of the past. But, in the wrong hands, it could propel the nation even more quickly into chaos.   Hailed as “vividly entertaining” by the

Los Angeles Times

and “profoundly moving” by the

Milwaukee Journal


Love in the Ruins

is a towering, mind-bending work of satirical speculative fiction by the National Book Award–winning author of

The Moviegoer