Author: Esther Rabbit

Category: Paranormal Romance

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She just wanted to mope over her breakup, but the universe had other plans for Zoey Mills.What if there was a union of technologically developed planets watching out for the rest of the universe?What if primitive planets such as ours received an ambassador to oversee Earth’s development until it reached the necessary evolution stage to join the interplanetary Alliance?What if the former ambassador sent to Earth went rogue and experimented with genome editing on humans?Twenty-four year old Zoey is at that particular point in her life when everything seems to be going sideways. Over the course of one week her boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds out she’s been genetically altered with enhancements foreign to her world.Not even her weirdly handsome neighbor is who she thought he was…Jasper is in fact the new ambassador the Alliance has sent over to clean up the mess their former ambassador left behind, retrieve the altered survivors and capture the scientist who got away.Recommended for: Fans of Paranormal Romance and readers who enjoy light Sci-Fi and adventure stories with a healthy dose of witty humor and romance.“Lost in Amber takes girl power to a whole new level, exploring the lives of three extraordinary women: Zoey, Sam and Emma in their journey from breakup to “braveheart”. It was funny, hopeful and I adored the romance!” – Ezperun“The imagination and scientific facts in this story blew me away!Also, the action was superb! Such an original story! Loved the dialog and all of the characters and their side stories. I was entranced by the growing romance between Zoey and Jasper! Oh, man! The ending threw me for such a loop! I definitely recommend Lost In Amber!!!! Can't wait to find out what happens next!!!” – M Haggy