Author: Ify Okonta

Category: African-American Interest

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A Coming of Age Story of Hard-won love, Devastating loss, and Unwavering faith!Book #1: Lilac DreamsAccustomed to supernatural revelations, Omaka is shown a vision for her high school. She dives in, hoping to bring the vision to pass. But her efforts are thwarted repeatedly by the school’s mean, popular girls.Unable to hear God’s voice, Ona, Omaka’s twin sister becomes disheartened and pulls away from her faith. A sudden change at school leads to love and renewed hope, but the reality of an inevitable separation casts a shadow over her happiness.Will Omaka win the fight for the soul of her school? Will Ona cling to her new love, or find her way back to a love greater than every other?Book #2: Scarlet PathIn spite of her parents’ disapproval, Ona’s long-distance relationship with Daniel continues to flourish. But when she stops hearing from him, she sinks into a deep depression. A chance meeting soon revives her until a new predicament plunges her into deeper misery.Omaka is determined to only follow God’s plan for her life as a single woman. But when she runs into an old schoolmate, her attraction to him derails her.Follow the twins as they fight for their faith, find true love, and make life-altering decisions in this young adult, Christian romance boxed set!