Author: Darren Horne

Category: Parenting & Family

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This award winning book aims to help teenagers smash life and hack the way that they think, in order to focus on getting the most from their time on the planet. It is aimed at teenagers, but it is also for anyone that feels stuck on the sidelines of life and is in need of a motivational kick to help them deal with their fears and anxieties. Written by a father, media lecturer, martial artist, and life coach, this a short, fast paced, easy-to-read call to action. It is laid out as though it is a quest, establishing that you are the hero, and you can answer the call to adventure. It teaches you to armour up, both externally (clothing and anchors) and internally (mindfulness and mind-body connect), and covers how the language we use can be a dangerous spell that we cast on ourselves, and others. The book also highlights the importance of putting together your adventuring squad. Finally there are some suggestions of resources that may aid you on your quest through life. Scattered throughout are film, television, and video game references. The book also draws heavily on the author’s own life, to create a fun, engaging, honest, and compelling exploration of ways you can get the best out of life.It won 2nd Place in the category Young Adult Nonfiction, and Honourable Mention in New Author (Non Fiction) Category at the Purple Dragonfly award in the USA