Author: Rory Michaelson

Category: Horror

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Being the chosen one isn’t always a good thing.

Oscar Tundale is not a hero. Anxious, indecisive, and awkward, he can barely get through a normal day. Now he’s about to find out monsters are real. Oscar’s friends: brave, stubborn Zara, and hyperactive, paranoid Marcus, might help discover what hunts him, and unravel the truth about the handsome doctor he pines for. But only heroes can save the world, so maybe the best Oscar can hope for is to not end it by accident.The LESSER KNOWN MONSTERS series is a dark queer fantasy featuring diverse characters on a found family adventure. Perfect for fans of horror and paranormal romance who seek LGBTQ+ heroes.

Praise for the Lesser Known Monsters series

“Sparkling, innovative, and most importantly, fun. Everything you could want in a vast, twisty feat of characters and dark fantasy.”—Adam Sass, award-winning author of Surrender Your Sons“Dreamy prose, fully realised characters I couldn’t help but fall in love with, and a storyline that is both thrilling and tender.”—Jonny Garza Villa, author of Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun“Good twists, good monsters, and all the heart of a true found family.”—David Slayton, author of White Trash Warlock“A wonderfully queer, riveting, and heartfelt found family adventure that shows even the most average person can save the world...or end it.”—Jayme Bean, author of Untouched