Last Word by Robin Mahle

Author: Robin Mahle

Category: Crime Fiction

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Deal starts: June 10, 2021

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Someone is sending a message to Congressman Grant Copeland and bodies are turning up with striking similarities. A single shot to the head. A single word written on a piece of fabric left in the victims’ mouths. The BAU team at FBI’s Washington Field Office is asked to consult.

Special Agent Kate Reid works under SSA Jameson now that Nick Scarborough has been transferred to Quantico. With Kate in the process of applying for a transfer to join him, this investigation is crucial as she is assessed by her potential new supervisor, SSA Noah Quinn.

The case, however, is thrown into disarray when Detective Anthony Phelps, an unwitting participant in this joint investigation, attempts to shut out Kate and her team.

Determined to get to the bottom of Phelps’ motivation, Kate begins to lose focus on the victims and instead shifts her resources to discovering what the detective is hiding and why he seems hell-bent on protecting the congressman.

With leads running dry, Agent Jameson issues Kate an ultimatum. Back off the detective and return her attention to finding the killer, or risk denial for the highly-coveted position at Quantico. Will Kate listen to her head or her heart?

Robin Mahle continues the action-packed and thrilling Kate Reid series with this latest installment. Book 7 promises to bring greater challenges for our heroine and a choice that could alter her future once again.