Author: Christy Barritt

Category: Christian Fiction

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Fractured LiesLantern Beach has seen its fair share of trouble. But the danger isn’t over yet . . .As security agent Jonah Gray zeroes in on his current mission, he finds scientist Rachel Atwood in his crosshairs. Right before his foster brother died, he handed Jonah a slip of paper with the woman’s name on it and muttered the word “killed.” But the more Jonah gets to know Rachel, the more he’s uncertain if she’s a killer or a target.Rachel Atwood hopes to leave trouble behind when she takes a new research position at a cosmetics company located on Lantern Beach. But things aren’t as idyllic on the coastal island as she’d assumed. Something fishy is going on at the waterfront lab, and Rachel is unsure who to trust.When lies are exposed, Jonah and Rachel's newfound trust is shattered. Can they pick up the fractured pieces of truth in time? Or will a killer’s devious plan destroy them both?A suspenseful mystery full of romance, forced proximity, hidden identities, secrets, and danger around every turn.Shattered WhispersShe thought she left trouble behind. But trouble has become her shadow.Abby Mendez wants a new start doing what she loves: acting. But when she stumbles upon a dead body backstage in her theater, she’s drawn into a dangerous plot—with a script she didn’t write.Former Navy SEAL Hunter Bancroft has no intentions of opening his heart again to any woman. But when a killer sets his sights on Abby and those near to her, Hunter is willing to risk more than he expected to protect the beautiful, intriguing actress.When the truth comes to light, whispers from the past threaten to destroy the new starts both Abby and Hunter desperately seek. Will they be able to zero in on the culprit before the final curtain? Or will this villain shatter Abby’s dreams . . . and maybe even her very life?Unsteady GroundTurbulence has come ashore. Now the whole island is on shaky ground.Former Navy SEAL Ty Chambers never thought the fallout from one of his past covert missions would reach him in Lantern Beach. But when a sinister plot is exposed, Ty realizes everything—and everyone—he loves is at risk.Police Chief Cassidy Chambers is knee-deep in investigating hundreds of dead fish that have mysteriously washed ashore. When her husband, Ty, shares a secret from his past, everything tilts around her. She knows the danger is real—and imminent.A vicious storm threatens all Ty and Cassidy hold dear. Will the foundation they’ve established hold steady? Or will the new terrain they’re navigating collapse and send them plunging to their deaths?