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She wants to be an engineer, but her parents--and society--will never allow it. Until riots break out in steampunk London and she seizes her chance... It's 1889, and Lady Claire Trevelyan is expected to do nothing more with her life than catch a rich husband. Unfortunately, her talents lie not in the ballroom, but in the laboratory, where her experiments have an embarrassing habit of blowing up. When her father gambles the estate on the combustion engine despite the fact that everyone knows the world runs on steam, Claire finds herself out in the street with nothing to her name but her steam landau and her second best hat. But the embarrassments of her old life might be the talents that save her now ... if she can stay alive long enough to barter her skills for a street gang's protection. It's not long before a new leader rises in the London underworld, known only as the Lady of Devices ... a double life Claire must keep secret if she is to achieve her dream and become the assistant to a world-renowned scientist ...If you like old-fashioned adventure, brave women, clever children, and strong-willed chickens, you'll love the first book in the Magnificent Devices series. Fangs for the Fantasysays Claire is "a wonderful main character (one of my favourites in the genre)" and the series has "a great sense of Victorian style and language that's both fun and beautiful to read." With Lady of Devices,you can begin the adventure today!The Magnificent Devices series:Lady of DevicesHer Own DevicesMagnificent DevicesBrilliant DevicesA Lady of ResourcesA Lady of SpiritA Lady of IntegrityA Gentleman of MeansDevices Brightly Shining (novella)Fields of AirFields of IronFields of Gold The "manor house" novellas:Carrick HouseSelwyn PlaceHolly CottageGwynn Place The Mysterious Devices series:The Bride Wore Constant WhiteThe Dancer Wore Opera RoseThe Matchmaker Wore Mars YellowThe Engineer Wore Venetian RedThe Judge Wore Lamp BlackThe Professor Wore Prussian Blue