Author: Jami Rogers

Category: New Adult Romance

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If I focus on his six-pack abs and crazy sexy crooked grin, I, Lennox Ashby, can get past the fact that I'm about to let Tripp McCain, the last man I'd ever want to be stranded on an island with, move into my apartment.

Aside from seeing Tripp on campus, I do everything in my power to avoid situations with him. We butt heads. A lot. In fact, the only thing we agree on is how we can't stand each other.

But now ... we need each other. How bad can this get?

Stubborn. Predictable. Boring. That’s Lennox Ashby. No one gets under my skin more.

If she didn’t have a banging body and a smile that makes me forget why I dislike her, I’d never put up with her, let alone share a bathroom.

If you thought your life was bad, try moving in with your best enemy.