Author: KL Donn

Category: Erotic Romance

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New covers, new blurbs, find out why readers are in love with International Bestselling Author KL Donn's first dark romance series today.King Adair runs his Empire with an iron fist. With brutality in his stare and a black heart beating in his chest, he doesn't do love.He's focused, driven, hard as they come...Until Lilith Riley.The girl who thinks she's worthless.The girl ready to die by his blade.With a debt to be paid, an enemy on the rise, and his desires being tested, King is ready to bring his Queen to heel. When Lilith is taken, he'll stop at nothing to bring her back and slay her demons.After discovering who their adversary is, a game of cat and mouse begins. Setting a trap, and discovering a spy in their midst, they're all left wondering...Who's next?*Disclaimer*The Adair Empire is a dark and graphic romance series, each with a different couple but a continuing story arc throughout the series. While the series has been recovered, there is NO new content.Reading order:KingLutherCastielAtticusCarverGrasping For Air