Author: Armand Rosamilia

Category: Horror

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Keyport CthulhuRevised and Expanded Edition for 2017!"The painting forced him to move back with such suddenness, he nearly fell over the side of the old wooden railing. It depicted a grisly scene, as if your worst nightmare had been splattered on canvas. Despite his mind screaming to look away, he could not avert his eyes" - AncientSet in the New Jersey fishing village of Keyport, where the Esoteric Order of Dagon has been planning for the awakening of the Deep One all these years… Who can survive when Cthulhu rises?Includes several bonus stories: the steampunk tale "Rats In The Cellars" "Cthulhunicorn" co-written with Katelynn Rosamilia“Lockbox” previously unreleasedAnd two Lovecraftian tales from author Chuck Buda: “The Terrible Old Man of Keyport” and “Dark Waters of Sin”