Author: D.V. Berkom

Category: Action & Adventure

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The Kate Jones Thriller Series, Vol. 2 includes 3 action-packed adventure thrillers: CRUISING FOR DEATH, YUCATAN DEAD, and A ONE WAY TICKET TO DEAD.CRUISING FOR DEATH: A mysterious artifact. A ruthless enemy. Paradise lost... Kate Jones is on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean when a passenger dies of an apparent heart attack and the ship is boarded by modern-day pirates. Along with two other passengers, Kate is kidnapped by a long-lost enemy who wants to settle an old score.Kate's vacation turns into non-stop action when she finds herself on a jet ski surrounded by sharks, staked down over patch of fast growing bamboo, and drugged in a Voodoo ceremony, all because of a mysterious artifact only she can recover. Add a 16th century Spanish shipwreck, hidden treasure, and an Obeah priestess and you've got trouble in paradise.Can Kate recover the mysterious artifact in time, or will she face certain death?It's adventure in paradise and promises all the fast-paced action readers have come to expect from the Kate Jones Thriller Series. YUCATÁN DEAD: Retribution. Revenge. Murder. If your deadliest enemy was at your door, would you cut and run, or stand and fight?For Kate Jones, being on the run was never going to be easy. But with a new identity and a new life, she was beginning to believe she'd made it through the worst.Then, in an act of twisted revenge, Kate's kidnapped and imprisoned deep in the Yucatán by her deadly enemy, his intention to make her pay for her sins before her excruciating death. Fate intervenes and she's given a second chance by a group of off-the-grid commandos waging war against a vicious drug cartel. In return, she'll have to fight for her life--and theirs.From peaceful northern Arizona to the steamy jungles of Mexico, Kate Jones must decide for herself if she'll cut and run... ...or turn and fight the evil that pursues her.A ONE WAY TICKET TO DEAD: A powerful enemy. A fight for survival. A shocking betrayal.Digging up the past can be deadly…After years of running from her ex, Kate Jones is ready to bury the past and try to piece together a new normal. But first there’s a loose end to tie and it involves digging up old ghosts that are best left alone.Unaware her actions have attracted the notice of a powerful enemy Kate is plunged into a deadly fight for survival, as both her life and the lives of the children of a man she once loved hang in the balance. And, with the possibility of an informant inside the DEA, she doesn’t know who she can trust.From the emerald green shores of Seattle to the lush Yucatán jungle and unforgiving Sonoran desert, Kate Jones must once again face her past...and hope she survives. Praise for Kate Jones Thrillers:"An unrelenting thriller of a tension-filled novel...Yucatán Dead is the stuff of which blockbuster movies are made...very highly recommended..." ~ Midwest Book Review“An action-packed adventure with a little bit of Indiana Jones thrown in."  ~Amazon Reviewer"Action-packed adventure, exotic intrigue, great edge of your seat pacing! Kate is a kick-ass heroine with courage and decisive intellect. An excellent read!"  ~ Darlene Panzera, Bestselling Author"[A One Way Ticket to Dead] is absolutely superb! I was hooked from the first page and had to be ejected from my aeroplane seat by a member of staff because I was so engrossed in the book..." ~ Carol Wyer, Bestselling author

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