Kabbalah for Beginners by Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks

Author: Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Gain a better understanding of the Kabbalah path to spiritual transformation and a deeper connection with the Jewish faith
Coming from the Hebrew root that means “to receive,” Kabbalah is known as the “inner” or “esoteric” dimension of Judaism. Kabbalah for Beginners is your introduction to a great spiritual tradition that will help you deepen your experience of the Divine through Kabbalistic portals into the Eternal Present.
Divided into four categories: theosophical, ecstatic, Hasidic, and contemporary, this book explores everything including ancient concepts, core teachings, practices and traditions, and even misconceptions of Kabbalah. Written in a contemporary tone and point of view, this beginner’s guide brings this ancient discipline into the here and now.
In Kabbalah for Beginners you’ll find:
God is existence—The Kabbalist method is that God is not a being, not even the most supreme being, but is rather Being itself.
What is Kabbalah—Get inspired by interspersed quotes from the Torah and frequent sidebars that highlight the Kabbalah’s relevance to readers' experiences.
Spirituality simplified—Learn through a clear straightforward language to bring intuitiveness to deep philosophical concepts.
Discover a contemporary guide to this ancient wisdom and move toward spiritual transformation.