Author: Kailee Reese Samuels

Category: Erotic Romance

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"Like nothing I've ever read before..." His name is Sal. His job is seduction. He's stalking me.And the crosshairs on his back are mine.Finding a mysterious key, I unlocked the magical world of Juliet, a feast for ravenous curiosities. The gates opened to a flood of unimaginable possibilities as I discovered things were not what they seemed, including the enigmatic charmer, Salvatore Raniero.I went in search of the truth, but with Sal haunting my every thought, I cannot escape his grasp. With his persuasion, the intensity of our relationship lured me into a manipulative and addictive game. And now I'm caught in his web, played by a Master.Losing my focus, I've fallen into a journey of self-discovery under his watchful gaze. I'm safe on his pedestal and high on his love, but if he wavers at all, I will shatter. As the secrets are revealed, my love for Sal grows. I'm not the girl I used to be and can no longer deny my feelings. Now I'm forced to choose between who to obey or following my heart.