Author: Anthony Barbera

Category: Christian Fiction

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“Jonah In the Time of the Kings” is a Jewish/Christian historical novel that takes you on a daunting, miracle-filled journey over five-hundred war-torn miles, from Jonah’s home in Israel and through the gates of the dreaded Assyrian city of Nineveh. God sent Jonah to the most wicked and violent city on the face of the earth, in the face of danger and death, to preach a message of repentance. He persuaded a king, moved an empire, and he redeemed himself. Put yourself in his shoes. Go ahead—take the journey. Anthony Barbera’s carefully researched novel illuminates one of the Bible’s greatest stories of transformation. Barbera fills in the details with a moving portrait of Jonah, a prophet who lived in a time shockingly similar to our own. Experience Jonah’s fear as he crosses hundreds of miles to confront a pagan people, all while wrestling with the uncertain future of his own beloved nation. These biblical characters come to life as they suffer war, the politics of fearsome battling kings, and an uncertain future. Feel his love for Naomi, the young woman he wishes to marry. But above all, let “Jonah In the Time of the Kings” reveals the very heart of God and his love for all people through the story of one of his most flawed yet faithful prophets in the Bible.