Jessica Christ: The Complete Series by H. Claire Taylor

Author: H. Claire Taylor

Category: Humor

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Get the series readers are calling "priceless," "a must-read," and "one of my favorite series of all time."
7 books
2,300+ pages
1 hilarious tale of the life of God's Only Begotten Daughter
Jessica McCloud is the daughter of God, though she'd rather not be. With a charlatan preacher trying to exploit her divinity and a local reporter hellbent on smearing her name, she'll need some heavenly help to keep from getting herself martyred.
The complete box set includes:
The Beginning, Book 1: Jessica McCloud's nativity story gets off to a rough start, and things don't get any easier in middle school. But with a little help from her single mother, she just might make it to high school unscathed...
And It Was Good, Book 2: A surprise visit from a long-dead sibling is the call to arms Jessica McCloud could really do without. But a surprise talent might just be her ticket to earning varsity levels of respect.
It's a Miracle!, Book 3: God works in mysterious ways, and Jessica McCloud resents just about all of them. Will her newly discovered miracle could make or break her high school graduation dreams?
Nu Alpha Omega, Book 4: Jessica McCloud is the big messiah on campus. But her arch nemesis doesn't take a holiday just because she's trying to pass exams...
It is Risen, Book 5: Let there be adulting! With college behind her, Jessica McCloud must figure out how in the hell to be heavenly in the real world.
In the Details, Book 6: With very little going according to her plan, Jessica McCloud is feeling the crunch to get her act together and maybe, just maybe, fulfill her divine purpose.
The End is Her, Book 7: Jessica McCloud knows what she needs to accomplish to fulfill her destiny, but that doesn't mean she has any freaking idea how to do it. And now she's in a race against the clock...
With hundreds of 5-star reviews, Jessica Christ is the comedy series you didn't know you were missing.
If you love irreverent humor, unforgettable characters, and snarky social satire, then you'll love H. Claire Taylor's fresh take on modern life.
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