Author: John Lyman

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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In a psychological, dystopian thriller with Hitchcock-like twists, a young writer with some serious issues comes face to face with an enigmatic figure who’s about to change the world forever. Set in present-day Atlanta, aspiring author Ben Swain struggles with internal demons while he tries to lead a normal life behind the wall of glass in his high-rise apartment ... until he meets the general. Not your typical dystopian tale, JEKYLL ISLAND zeros in on the days leading up to a world-changing event and the lives of the people transported from one reality to another in an instant. From Atlanta to Jekyll Island. From the coastal marshes of South Carolina to the Potomac. The action spirals to a whole new level when Ben and the new woman in his life attempt to flee from what’s coming, only to learn the truth lies in the aftermath.