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If you want to learn Java, but have never programmed
before, this is the book for you!

JAVA - The Beginnings is organized as a series of
easy to understand lessons, that provide many diagrams
and java code examples to illustrate concepts, rich in the
features of the java language.

Proven in the classroom, the author has successfully taught
these lessons to students from the middle school through the
undergraduate level, making it the book to teach java for kids.

JAVA - the Beginnings is a comprehensive java reference and an excellent
choice for your first java textbook. Among java programming books, it
stands out as a beacon of java learning, and presents
java in a nutshell through simple examples.

If you know Java, but want a primer, you'll love JAVA - The
Beginnings. The book contains 180 programming exercises
which reinforce the subject matter as java the complete reference.
The short problems review programming syntax, while the long problems
teach java how to program by applying the lesson material in solving problems.
If you know Python or C++, this book can teach you java in 24 hours.

The book also contains lessons learned by the author through
over thirty years of programming in the aerospace,
telecommunications, and payment industries.

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