Author: Linda Dunscombe

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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Follow the lives - Experience the drama!

A modern day soap, brought to you in a modern day way.
Available on Kindle, other tablets and smart phones.
Jasmine Close is a new soap opera, available to you in a new and unique way.
There are twenty-five episodes. Each episode takes around 25 minutes to read.
Follow the lives and dramas of the residents of a brand new housing estate..
Perfect for your lunch break, short commute, or just to curl up with on the sofa or read in bed.

Victoria works in the show-home and she likes to know what’s going on. She’s nosey, bossy, and caring, with a husband who keeps going AWOL and a teenage daughter she’s struggling to connect with.
Jenny is suffering from post-traumatic stress and the move to the new house in the new city will, according to her husband, Miles, make everything better.
Barry is the building site Foreman who is working to a schedule that keeps being interrupted by the half-naked ladies in apartment two who keep diverting his men away from their work.
Steve severed his spine in a car accident and, fresh from the Spinal Injuries rehab unit, he’s trying to find his place in a world that is now much scarier in a wheelchair than it was when he could walk.
Sonia has a perfect family and a secret life while Belle just wants to keep her children safe and Natasha and Ed are adjusting to life with new baby who cries all the time.
The American, Brett Anderson, is on a brief visit to see his sister, but he might have found a reason to make him stick around for a while longer.