Author: Eric Bodnar

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If you are a first time language learner or are looking for faster and simpler ways to learn Japanese and Japanese kanji, this book is for you. Learning Japanese seems so difficult, but with the right approach and language learning techniques, it's not. The Japanese language looks like the ultimate test with thousands of vocabulary words, grammar structures, and Japanese kanji to memorize, and many who accept the challenge end up quitting when things become too dull and boring. How do you learn Japanese when it's seemingly so hard to learn all this information and so easy to forget it?

Japanese Is Not That Hard begins by explaining why many language learners fail and then offers a clear solution to the problem. This book contains specific Japanese language learning methods and exercises that show you how to learn Japanese easily from any source at all. With this system of techniques, you will be able to quickly conquer Japanese language learning materials and even fun materials like manga and TV programs! Reading and writing the Japanese kanji will be no obstacle. Smart exercises can make even speaking Japanese and understanding it incredibly easy.

Learn Japanese the fast and simple way with this book!

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